In Preparation

Saturday, December 26, 2020 Hail to a New Year in 5 days!

What will I be doing on New Year’s Eve? Well, I’ll be home with my animals, maybe sipping a little wine and anticipating a midnight racket–sudden noises that frighten my dogs, turning them into cover-seekers. My long-ago Cattle Dog, Cassie, always disappeared at midnights, on July 4th and December 31, by hiding in the bathtub, a choice understandable only to her.

Without making much noise myself, but celebrating with the entire world, I’ll hail the ending of this complicated, difficult year. And for sure not a second-place celebration, I’ll cheer the near-finish of our country’s destructive Republican-led administration. I will count eagerly the days until January 20, when Biden, et al, officially will become America’s leaders.

New Year’s Day will be great for celebrating twice. In the early morning, by taking the dogs to the country and letting them run happily. In the early afternoon, if weather permits, by riding horseback, or otherwise, leading my equines and walking through our streets.

Through 2020, I’ve held two fervent wishes. One became realized upon Joe Biden’s election. My other huge-want actually has two parts, (1) a real solution and (2) an efficient process, for stopping the virus that cripples our social-physical opportunities and the world’s economy.

Dear Friends: Let’s think and hope bigger, about a world larger than we once imagined. Diana

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