A Morning Rattle

Sunday, December 27, 2020 (4 days more of this year)

Today and tomorrow are my early-leaving, full-working days. With my blog page up and ready, I’ll take a break and toss on coveralls, before going outside to feed the large animals. I’ll invite a dog along for company. That’ll make leaving the house messy, as the dogs compete noisily to go, but it’s too early for all their noises out there. It’s also too dark to keep track of their whereabouts. Out in early morning or late evening winter darkness, I’m a chicken. An alert companion ensures that we’re alone.

* * * * * * *

Now, I’m again inside and the dogs have settled. At the earliest light, I’ll walk the horses to my neighbor’s pasture and leave them all day. I’ll be bringing them home not very late, but in darkness. Won’t it be wonderful when the days become longer!

My kind neighbor, Frank, helped me yesterday. Something had gone wrong with my garage door, which wouldn’t close. Apparently, a controlling wire was askew. Of course, it’s a Christmas-time happening…a repair needed exactly when nobody’s available. That gaping door would have prevented my working these days until a repairperson could be reached. Fortunately, Frank allowed me to interrupt his morning, and he knew how to close the door. Thank you, Frank, and yet again!

How ever could we do without others?

Meanwhile, it’s time to close this and go to move the horses.

Dear Friends: Early morning commitments force attention to time, and I’m learning. Diana

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