Year Ending, Finally

Thursday, December 31, 2020 (New Year’s Eve!)

The New Year’s Bug bit. It got me working hard, ridding the garage of items that still work and are useful, but haven’t been used, searched for, nor remembered, say, for some three years. Boom, boom, and boom! Cleaning up, emptying out.

Here’s why, my garage had become overcrowded and even unsafe. A narrow path that took me from garage door to house door involved having to dodge stored items. That was too much, but really came to a head at Christmastime, because my electric garage door failed to close. I desperately called on my neighbor, Frank, for help. He got the door closed, but clearly, too little space was available for exploring and examining the problem, much less fixing it.

Fast forward to “Finally, all’s done”. As of yesterday, the garage has empty space and a door that works properly.

The act of discarding made me think about the difficulty of deciding to rid oneself of things that could still be useful. A concern is that, often after discarding an item, I’ve discovered a new need for it, and then purchased an exact duplicate. There’s also the nagging sense of waste that’s compounded by recalling past discarding sessions. Disvalue and waste make me shudder. Also, is personal history, in that each item of current disinterest once was important, somehow representing me then. Shrug, oh well: One just quits thinking and starts tossing.

Anyway, that space cleaning made my head need clearing. In a fun project, I delivered several “Advent Coffee Calendars” to friends wanting them.

Happy New Year, ya’ll!

Dear Friends: I so appreciate you! Thanks for your company through this complex year. Diana

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