Far Sides

Friday, January 01, 2021 (29 days to Biden’s swearing-in)

This morning, with hope and a cup of “Organic Rainforest Blend”, I’m considering our chaotic transition to this New Year. Such a messy turning might seem unprecedented, but not so. This date is very historical. It’s been witness to Castro’s revolutionary takeover in Cuba, Lincoln’s signing of the Emancipation Proclamation, and the official beginning of a United Nations. Chaos tends to precede New Years Days.

That’s because we’re into transitions at a personal level. Wanting “new starts” of sorts, we target to change unwanted habits in the New Year. Mostly we fail for setting too tough personal goals, but with determination, as a year progresses, we re-plan for the new appearance of that key date.

As of midnight last night, the earth has begun an annual renewal of its travel around the sun. Thus, it makes sense that all life on earth, very sensitive to light and weather, begins yearning for renewals. All species survive by accomplishing such basics as hunting, planting, nurturing, protecting (these may vary in order of importance). They’re best accomplished in appropriate light and weather.

Each New Year signals the beginning of our world’s transition–from varying degrees of cold and darkness, to renewals of warmth and light.

Socially, this season’s slide into darkness, aided by technology, has emphasized within and among populations the existence of extreme differences and dislikes. Technology enables a more widespread audience to witness the realities and outcomes of great differences, and widened eyes and minds to the influence of power. It’s illustrated how the more powerful may help or hinder the “stuff of living” (e.g., hunting, planting, nurturing, and protecting).

American politics in 2021 will determine much, that greatly will be significant to this nation’s future.

I enjoy brilliant cartoons. They uplift my spirits, or like this one, hit the spot:

Dear Friends: Wishing for us all, a Happy New Year! Diana

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