Wintery Dreams

A self portrait on Lake Hortonia, in Sudbury. Credit, Caleb Kenna

Sunday, January 03, 2020 (17 days until Joe Biden’s inauguration)

Early today, fifteen minutes of monsoon-like wind and rain, could hear it hitting windows and landing on the roof. In a little time it continued, settled and more quiet, like a horse that’s been well fed.

Aside from the weather, today will be tough. It’s one of my two early-arrival days at work. My next early day is tomorrow, but this morning I don’t want to think more about that morning.

Of note is that on PBS Masterpiece Theater tonight the brilliant actress, Glenda Jackson, returns to TV in a movie, entitled “Elizabeth is Missing”. It’s Jackson’s first screen performance since 1992, when she left acting to become a member of Parliament. Now, she’s 84 years old and returning to her roots. She recently has appeared in several highly regarded theater performances. The Times describes her as “one of the most technically accomplished and ferociously intelligent actresses of our time”. I agree. Jackson, like no other, is way up there with Streep, but always unique and holds her own.

Glenda Jackson in “Elizabeth is Missing”

It’ll improve my day, anticipating tonight’s special Masterpiece Theater.

Today’s NYT carried a lovely photojournalism piece with stunningly beautiful photos. I’m including a link, but meanwhile, eagerly sharing these outstanding captures of Zambian wildlife.

An elephant in South Luangwa National Park. Credit, Marcus Westberg
A lion takes a drink in Kafue National Park. Credit, Marcus Westberg

These are as close as I’ll ever get to experiencing Africa in real time, and they very well lend a sense of the place that boosts my yearnings to go. They’re good enough to make my mind escape having to hurry this morning. But, real time tugs.

Here’s a link to the incredible journey:

Dear Friends: May your today be wonderful, though winter chores and commitments. Diana

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