Monday, January 04, 2020 (Countdown: 16 days until Biden’s inauguration)

Pelosi survived yesterday’s House votes and will remain Speaker at least for two more years, after which, she has stated her intent to step aside.

Georgia residents will vote tomorrow. The outcome will determine which party will control the Senate during Biden’s administration. Frankly, I hope Mitch McC will disappear.

Just sayin’, and reminding, although we’re all weary. Twenty-twenty-one has been hoped for, the reality so far is that a New Year isn’t changing enough that still concerns us. ‘C’est la vie’.

Those are my rambles this morning before heading outside in darkness to feed horses. That’s prior to my heading away and trying to arrive early at work. Sigh. Afterwards, I’ll have two days off, to wallow happily or sadly in American politics. Go, Georgia!

As an aside, one can’t help wondering what the future holds for Stacy Abrams. She’s turned herself into a powerhouse in Georgia, and deservedly so. She’s extremely bright, articulate, passionate, and skilled to handle ongoing a huge role in domestic political and social issues.

Dear Friends: Whatever your viewpoints, may tomorrow deliver your preferences. Diana

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