On The Horizon

Tuesday, December 05, 2020 (15 days until Biden’s inauguration)

Today, voting will determine who are Alabama’s next two U.S. Senators–high stakes for America.

I finally subscribed to Audible. Too little free time for the favorite activity of sitting, holding a book, and reading, I need to stay in touch with others and learn from their thoughts, research, and creativity.

Our years of semi-terror politics-gone-wild are winding down, as indicated by changing popular writings. Many modern books, instead of complaining about current politics, are examaining anew nature’s environmental and human perspectives. These short, easier-to-read books deal with topics like modern philosophy and ethics. They hope to encourage the articulation of arguments, solidly based on reasonable thinking.

These short easier books teach in friendly ways. In my old school days, I waded through tombs, obtuse and difficult for a young mind. Today, after years of confusion about how to support large societies, I’m primed, open to ideas that foster truth, common sense, and logic.

This new year has gnawing world hunger for social intelligence. Popular reading preferences may nourish it. We’ve seen societies trying to foster new ideas and being foiled. Nonetheless, boiling beneath the surface still is a common yearning for better.

Realistically and symbolically, Georgia’s election reflects social unrests. Both sides have campaigned in ways beyond-intense. In these last moments, predicting outcomes isn’t possible because of the huge ambivalence among voters. Until late tonight, outcomes will be coin tosses.

Dear Friends: Changes in popular topics support larger hopes for a saner world. Diana

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