A Hug & An Ugg

Watching Georgia returns

Wednesday, January 06, 2020 (14 days until Biden’s inauguration)

Georgia voters have managed to tamp down America’s middle-age anxieties. This morning, the runoff watchers awakened to welcome news of victories by Georgia’s Democratic Senate candidates.

Whew! Goodbye, Mitch. Bye, bye, Donald.

And Stacy Abrams, welcome to a future role on the world stage, also powerful. Your efforts for years to ensure fair and open voting in Georgia have yielded success. Your passion has demonstrated a model worthy of accolades.

This is a morning of breathing easier. Sure, Coronavirus continues to threaten and kill, but now Americans are gaining able and educated national leaders. They understand the importance of listening to science and appropriately making decisions.

America’s middle-age anxieties won’t end, for a large percentage of citizens still unhappy will continue generating unrest. Hopefully, most of us have come to understand, during DJT’s heavy-handed administration, that an established democracy seriously can be threatened, and worst, potentially dismantled.

Historical experience has helped us understand. It’s made us aware of past and present, social and political situations in other countries–especially Nazi Germany. We understand that social and political situations in civilized units do influence wellness and progress. Ironically, social media that foster turmoil, also teach, by revealing to citizens larger views of situations for them to consider.

Dear Friends: Slippers are Ugg with humor, but an ugg to those in power is bad. Diana

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