Madman In The White House

Credit: NYT (1/7/21)

Thursday, January 07, 2020 (13 days until Biden’s inauguration)

Yesterday in D.C. occurred the most brutal event most citizens have witnessed since the 1960s when America’s Civil Rights Movement got underway. Early television technology in those days revealed citizens being beaten by police and trampled by horses. Television created a widespread awareness of the South’s inhumane Jim Crow environment.

Yesterday, television captured a violent assault on America’s Capital. We in our homes, drinking coffee and watching a special joint House/Senate meeting, saw a murderous huge crowd on a binge of violent terror. That crowd’s instigator and de facto leader was/is the current President of the United States.

You know, saw it for yourself. I’m compelled to write because of first-hand experience that showed me the hold and sway over a group that may be gained by a seriously mentally-ill individual.

Ages ago, my eldest sister and her husband (both now deceased) adopted an infant–a beautiful and bright baby boy. Over time, he began demonstrating uncontrollable behaviors, some that verged on violence. My sister and brother-in-law tried every way they could to make the child happy. Nothing calmed this boy. Before he reached adolescence, he’d been diagnosed as paranoid-schizophrenic.

Increasingly, his reasonably-affluent family tried to accommodate the child. His parents spent great amounts of money and sought to calm him with musical instruments, outdoors gear, and anything to help him achieve a healthier state. Nothing helped He began to demonstrate violence against animals and threatened his parents. I lived nearby and had to distance myself.

While still a teenager, the boy in a fit of anger murdered my brother-in-law, point-blank with a pistol. Afterwards, he strolled through the house for car keys as my sister hid. After the police picked him up, he was sentenced to a state mental facility. Perhaps he still lives there.

America’s four years of Trump have reminded me of my nephew. Trump’s term exemplifies how one mentally ill may gain control of an environment. Through his four years as America’s most powerful politician, Trump has held all citizens hostage. Many have wished for him to lose the recent election. Others have wished differently and supported Trump. They’re also hostages, still doing his bidding. Yesterday, and wanted only by Trump, his supporters en masse overcame America’s Capital. In a spirit of violence, carrying destructive weapons, waving Confederate flags, and gleeful, they were intent on destroying an entrenched democratic process.

May America stay safe through the next thirteen days and see Biden inaugurated. May we hoping for that transfer of power be spared more hate and fury episodes–from Trump himself, and/or his rabid followers.

Dear Friends: Documented hatred and violence lives forever. “Can’t we all get along?” Diana

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