Friday, January 08, 2020 (12 days before Biden is inaugurated)

It’s hard imagining what this year may look like. We’ve no clarity as to whether in a short time adequate vaccines may be produced to quell the pandemic. We don’t know how long it may take to administer vaccines to all needing them. Those and other open questions may interfere with plans for the new year ahead.

Well, I’m moving on anyway. I’m printing recipes for sourdough bread, and printing instructions on how to knit. I’m rearranging art supplies and might again try to draw. Preparing for self-isolating is easier now than last year. Now, we know ways to maintain a distance from others. We’ve figured out how to self-entertain, and can stay busy even if we’re not learning much that’s new.

I wonder if last year I did learn anything new. I wasn’t successful as a bread baker, failed at trying to knit, and didn’t manage to draw adequately. The irony is that these activities still hold my interest, and likely, I’ll not accomplish them any better this time.

Earlier today, I ran across several handheld calculators, complex and heavy-duty, unused and forgotten. Immediately, I wished to learn how to use them–a recurring old response. Using the calculators requires math skills and an understanding of numerical complexities. Higher math is learning I’ve tried to absorb, over and over by taking courses, before giving up.

Math is easy to the right kind of brain. Gaining savvy with numbers relies on abilities to memorize and categorize. That isn’t how my brain works, it doesn’t do numbers. Here’s the rub, I always yearn to know math and to interact creatively with modern capable, handheld calculators. Okay, I’ll add “learn math” to this year’s self-isolating activities.

Ahead an activity that pleases will be horseback riding. My horses carried me through last year’s social constraints. They and my dogs alongside made me happy. Nowadays, the dogs are aging and signs of arthritis limits their activities with horses. The dogs will make me go hiking, carrying a good camera. On this year’s list, activities with horses and dogs will really be my do-ables!

Dear Friends: We do what we can, hope to do more, and try to keep our sights high. Diana

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