Real Power

Monday, January 11, 2021 (In 9 days, Biden’s ignauration)

I’ve reviewed the morning’s major newspapers, glanced through the surveys and opinions that clog my email, and now intend to float to an alternate reality. This blog shouldn’t fire away at political and social themes, easy topics when on the world’s mind is the imbalance between individuals financially powerful and others who wish simply for middle-class advantages.

In yesterday’s mail came a book I had ordered on a whim. It’s arrival after a long delay surprised and baffled, for when could I read nearly 800 pages of essays on modern philosophy? It contains ideas written in the early 2000’s that undoubtedly connect to these times. Still, I scratch my head, for relative to today’s turmoil, this century’s early years seem very long ago.

The book introduces these essays as newer spins on old problems, covering modern views in areas like literature, science, faith, morality, and society. About these and other human interests, today’s hyper-unrests didn’t just drop from the sky. All events have beginnings, and these essays may help readers associate more clearly the modern past to our modern present. I’d welcome more understanding as to what made political and social situations evolve as they have.

Dear Friends: Knowledge is power, and in future may help us avoid past pitfalls. Diana

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