Moving On

Tuesday, January 12, 2020 (In eight days Biden will become President.)

My “weekend” is beginning, and I’m facing accumulated “to dos”. Two days off isn’t enough, but fortunately my schedule soon might change. If children do return to school in February, our manager who took a leave of absence, to home school her kids, might come back to work. Her presence would push me down a notch–and no problem, for I’ve proven what I wished on accepting a promotion.

Many years ago, working in a large organization, I had to draw and use complex information from sophisticated computers. After retiring, I’ve done no similar work. Several months ago, an opportunity for promotion meant I’d have to track and report daily operations using computer data. I was unconfident about working with modern information technology and highly sophisticated computers.

I did it in short time. The computer system many call cumbersome and difficult to learn turned out to be a piece of cake. I gather operations data from one set of computers, and on another set of computers report those data. My real learning was that our reporting system makes it impossible to submit a mistake. This system won’t accept an imperfect number, and it knows!

Using modern technology in my role has been easy and fun. I enjoy being collared after making an input error, and forced to rethink my entries. If time is short, re-tracking my entries is frustrating but an excellent forced-learning opportunity.

I’m ready for a demotion, a return to zero eight-hour working days. The promotion was a pleasing experience that made my brain work harder, reassured its capabilities. The pending change will let me pay more attention to my animals, they have missed my care and presence.

Dear Friends: Stepping up to a challenge can be fun, educational, and reassuring. Diana

One thought on “Moving On

  1. I remain impressed that you took on and met that challenge but am also hopeful that you will soon have more time off!❤️😊

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