Thursday, January 13, 2021 (In 7 more days Biden becomes President.)

My neighbor and friend, Bill Herz, captured me leading my horses from pasture to home. On these winter mornings in decent weather, the horses and I walk about a quarter-mile down the road to a neighbor’s pasture. Toward evening, we walk home and again as a trio. In Bill’s photo, Rosie is on my left, Pimmy in the center, and Sunni on my right.

That’s our usual pattern, big horses on the outside and Pimmy between them. These animals are gentle and agreeable, but walking with the three physically stresses me. Rosie takes big steps while Pimmy slowly marches. Moving us in sync has me simultaneously pulling back on Rosie while tugging at Pimmy. She’s not an “easy tug”, Pimmy, and soon wears me out.

My best moment going to the pasture, is arriving at an access point where it’s safe to drop the donkey’s lead, and then I relax. My happiest moment coming home, is entering my neighbor, Frank’s, driveway, where again, it’s safe to drop the donkey’s lead. A little off-road path connects Frank’s place and mine. On it, the horses and I move in sync. Pimmy follows at no-speed.

I’ve complained before about the physical stress of walking with those three. Bill’s picture, worth a thousand words, illustrates and documents my task. It’s worth another thousand words, too, for showing that despite the work I’m smiling.

Love those equines!

Dear Friends: We need domestic animals, to care for and learn from. Diana

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