Thursday, January 14, 2021 (6 days to ignauration)

The next six days will be crazy. The President, again, is impeached, national guard troops are hanging out on the floors of America’s Capital Building, the futures of greedy politicians (like Hawley and Cruz) are up for grabs, as the FBI searches to identify the Trump-supporting police and/or Republicans who aided Capital rioters. There’s more, for everybody knows that events ahead might explode again into mayhem.

Underlying all is an ever-widening divide between America’s haves and have-nots. Pundits estimate that our current economic problems began with Reagan’s support for an idea of trickle-down economics. Vice-President, George H.W. Bush, called that “voodoo economics”. Nonetheless, under Reagan, the government’s budget handling began to change.

In essence, America’s rich has become richer and its middle class is disappearing. In recent years, Republicans greatly opposed attempts by President Obama, to improve living for a majority of Americans and to improve immigration policies. The Republicans fussed throughout Obama’s eight years in office, they renewed promises based on trickle-down economics, opening a path into leadership by the worst of all possible Presidents–he who’s now twice impeached by the House. This second impeachment might be upheld, since in the Senate more Democrats will be seated and voting.

Asked how America’s social and political changes have evolved, Adam Schiff responded this way: “Craven conduct often occurs when ambition becomes temping.” It’s another way of saying what finally we understand: “Follow the money”.

A huge population of some seventy million Americans again would vote for Republicans. And that Party must hang onto every available vote in order to remain viable. The extent to which Joe Biden and Kamala Harris can manage well and productively over the next few years will determine our political and social future.

Meanwhile, we who are pleased about the current turn of events must stay hopeful, and alert, especially through another six days. There are possibilities that (1) introducing impeachment in the Senate and (2) inaugurating Biden, may ignite warfare among portions of the millions who fear losing what they perceive as power.

Dear Friends: In these, the best of times and worst of times, we must hold onto faith. Diana

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