Day Tripping

Exercising Rosie (photo by my neighbor Frank)

Sunday, January 17, 2021 (Next Wednesday, America will have a new President)

I’m breathing steam off a cup of Fog Chaser, to wrap my head around today, tomorrow, and the next. For these days, I must manage the demo team in our Costco, each for eight-hours–tiring, but not the worst problem. Nor is the worst having to take care of my equines in negative natural light before and after work.

Most bugging about long work days is confining my horses to dry lot. These short-light winter days prevent our walking early (and safely) a third-mile to our neighbor’s pasture (and, in later no-light, walking home). In these unusually beautiful winter days, my horses ought instead to roam and graze.

Oh well, so, I’ll sit in an office and they’ll stand in dry lot.

This week, I attempted to quit my supervisory role, to slip back into the team, and to work only two days weekly. But it’s hard to drop off teaming with someone likeable and kind as my manager. Perhaps we both needed to get frustrations off our chests, for after yelling back and forth, we got over it. There’s plenty good about participating in a relationship in which pieces can blow up and fall back into place.

These three days’ lunchtimes, I’ll scoot home, toss hay to my horses and apologize to them.

On the other hand, it’s a bonus having two days off this Wednesday and Thursday. I’ll watch Biden’s inauguration. In concert with most Americans, I’ll sigh mightily in relief. My friend, Susie, is conjuring a celebratory something-or-other, in her family’s TiPi, where several politically-like minds may share. That’s so cool!

Dear Friends: This spring, job or no job, I’ll be re-conditioning the horses for driving. Diana

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