Monday, January 18, 2021 (Today, MLK Day, and in another two days, Biden’s inauguration)

Today is all about heroes.

First, MLK, and his larger-than-life legacy. Long after his death, King has continued to encourage people of color, and the growing supporters of social equality, to use their voices and affirmative activities to improve citizenship in America. Around the world, similar activities in these days excite and encourage many to re-think and re-define their social and economic positions.

Second–at least as brave as King–is the Russian opposition leader, Alexey Navalny. Last night he flew into Moscow from Berlin, after recovering from poisoning last summer by Putin’s goons. He’d nearly been killed, was saved by quick-thinking airline personnel and Merkel’s allowance of safe haven in Germany.

Navalny’s popularity is growing in Russia despite Putin’s attempts to quash key opposition activities. The factor diminishing Putin’s overt activities is a huge growth in worldwide media attention. The world has been witnessing and grasping the similar personalities of Putin and Trump. An increasingly aware Russian population, like Americans, are understanding more how clearly dictatorships bind, control, and make the wealthy wealthier.

Whew! A big day and there’s more to come. Joe Biden will have his hands full. America is beyond lucky to have a leader coming on board with a world of political experience, who already knows the key players.

And now, I must go into action and get ready to leave for work.

Dear Friends: This political season, an exciting horse race, brings serious changes. Diana

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