Life-Goal Achievement


Tuesday, January 19, 2021 (Tomorrow, Joe Biden/Kamala Harris will become America’s leaders.)

I’m enthralled by a New York Times story of 10 Nepalese climbers making it to the top of K2. In print, their ascent may be as easily visualized, as eventually, it might be on video. The story, “How Climbers Reached the Summit of K2 in Winter for the First Time”, documents the team’s challenges, in decision-making and climbing efforts, to reach the top of gleaming K2, a glacial 28,251-foot monolith straddling the China-Pakistan border.

This read is breathtaking, equally, for those “in the know” and others “not into climbing”.

My writing time today now is short, for it’s my third day having to be at work by 8 a.m. Even with warnings about short-time in my head, it was impossible to breeze through this superb reporting of an incredible Sherpa team’s climb.

Later today, I’ll re-read and re-experience their adventure. Probably soon and likely, there will be a video, for this well-planned project apparently was well-covered. A video would be very welcome.

Enjoy the climb for yourself, here’s a link:

Dear Friends: The climbers/reporters/photographers created a superb documentary. Diana

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