Wednesday, January 20, 2021 (Finally! It’s America’s Biden/Harris Inauguration Day.)

As I write, President Trump is standing on a tarmac and speaking, just before boarding AF-1 for his final presidential flight out of D.C.

I’m thinking, “Bye, bye, Donald”, with an equally enthusiastic, “So long, Melania”.

It’s a huge relief to witness the fading-away of key Trump lackeys, Barr and Pompeo. No less welcome is a hopeful sign that the stubborn McConnell somewhat might be bending.

Biden and Harris know they must hit the ground running. It’s become apparent in these months after the election that they’re a fast-thinking, collaborative leadership team. They must face really hot issues, like campaign financing, gerrymandering, an overly conservative Supreme Court, voting rights issues, work and wage inequalities, and a still-raging epidemic.

I feel optimistic, even excited. This transition might prove capable, consistent, and trustworthy.

Dear Friends: After years of collective anger, maybe now we may begin to hope. Diana

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