Light Reflects

Thursday, January 21, 2021 (Seven days until the next full moon)

The inauguration ceremony was amazing, considering that D.C. was on lockdown and without the usual crowds that every four years fill the mall. For much of yesterday I watched, transfixed by beautiful colors, timed choreography, and the superb ceremonial fillers that television captured.

Moreover, instead of that major event ending as usual with formal balls and parties, our President and Vice-President went to work. He signed executive orders that will reverse some of his predecessor’s damage while she immediately began to swear in America’s newest senators. Yep, yesterday’s ceremony preceded activities with sleeves-rolled-up, to shape a welcome new page in American history.

Could the talents of Lady Gaga, J Lo, and Amanda Gorman be complemented beyond their near-perfect performances? Most of us watching found their offerings superb.

Yesterday, above and beyond all else, Joe Biden’s consistent confidence and forthright manner were striking, so different, and almost incredibly from a year ago, on his stumbling emergence as a presidential candidate. His history just gives us more reasons to love this guy, a real person to get to know, learn to understand, and increasingly, to witness his integrity.

Dear Friends: Next week’s full Wolf Moon will shine on good moods and joyous howls. Diana

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