Friday, January 22, 2021 (In six days the Wolf Moon will appear.)

It’s exciting, the appearance next week of the full Wolf Moon that oversees winter’s coldest days. With daylight already lasting a little longer, January’s moon adds the essences of life, love, and sustenance hunting. Every full moon suggests the best of being alive, but right now in winter’s very heart, this particular oncoming full moon will be a welcome sight.

I’ll add, if we’re able to see the next Wolf Moon. Here in Central Oregon this winter has been unusually warm, but lately we’re experiencing sight-limiting cloudiness, and perhaps ahead more than a hint of wintery weather. Last night, for example, snow fell. Not bunches, but a suggestion of more to come. After all, it’s midwinter, with nights of wolf howling, days of snowshoeing, and now as always, hopes for better-lit pathways.

This hour I’ve been writing suggests that dreams may be prescient, for snow has continued to fall. As the dogs go outside, I look and see that early light snow is more accumulated by inches. Soon, I must go out into that snow and feed waiting large animals, but I’m not prepared. I wasn’t expecting a snow onslaught before early next week, to herald the appearance of Wolf Moon.

Dear Friends: In every “bleak midwinter”, a full moon warms and encourages. Diana

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