5 p.m. to 5 a.m.

Sunday, January 24, 2021 (Four days before January’s Wolf Moon appears)

I’m keeping on watch for hints of the coming Wolf Moon, but see above for yourself the local fuzzy sky on these afternoons.

“I turned and looked another way, and saw”….

Honestly, folks, both photos are from yesterday afternoon around five o’clock.

Sure, the days have begun lasting longer, but this area’s recent and continuing snow-laden sky diminishes the sun’s reflections, and thus, too, our daylights.

Nonetheless, I will continue looking for an appearance of the coming new full moon. It will shine on optimistic minds, reopen to possibilities, holding high hopes for the future.

Much of our feelings of optimism are because of how our national election turned out, and what since has been evolving politically.

This morning, I’m in awe on learning that Arizona’s Trump Republicans are censuring three of the state’s most visible conservative Republicans–experienced leaders, who have been vocal and actively supported Joe Biden’s campaign. What do the censuring Republicans, still-determined hangers-on-ers, expect to achieve by attempting to ostracize Jeff Flake, Cindy McCain, and AZ Governor Doug Ducey?

Get on board, you Republicans!

The nation’s mood has changed. Yes, the worm has turned and most Americans again are sleeping better. Many of us already entertain increasing hope for a brighter American future.

Hey, Snow Sky, clear out!

Dear Friends: Today, and despite cloudy skies, what light does exists will be lovely. Diana

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