Snow Dreams

Monday, January 25, 2021 (Overhead and shining, in 3 days will appear January’s full Wolf Moon.)

I’m still focused on snow. It’s here and staying awhile, plus is beautiful. Yesterday evening’s photo above, shows my uphill trek on a snow-blower created path. I’m heading from the barn to the house having finished feeding the large animals.

I turn around for a reassuring check that the gates were closed securely, and etc., and feel the warm glow that always pleases at a sight of my small ranch structure in a snow-scape.

It’s getting too dark to see my path and its surroundings. This evening walk uphill would be lonely but for noisy dogs running alongside, but within a fenced area. I near the hill top and they race up to the deck where there’s an access door. Soon as I open it, they’ll rush inside and surround me.


I must prepare now to leave to work. This day will require eight-hours of effort. The next two days, mine off, will free me for the Wolf Moon’s appearance. I’ll be on my hilltop, scanning the hopefully clear sky, to enjoy new light.

Dear Friends: Deep January, challenging, amazing, and almost gentled by a Wolf Moon. Diana

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