It’s Here!

Tuesday, January 26, 2021 (Wolf Moon rising)

January’s full Wolf Moon is rising. Not yet totally full and slightly lopsided, but almost all-round and satisfying enough. In my header photo, it lights a path up to the house. A close look at the photo’s bottom reveals waiting for me my dog, named “Osix” in memory of a fabulous Yellowstone Wolf.

That unique Yellowstone Wolf was the offspring of an early wolf reintroduced to Yellowstone from Canada. The 06 pup was born in Yellowstone and outfitted with a radio-collar. She had an official wolf number, but Park Rangers called her 06, because of her birth date, the sixth day of the sixth month.

O6 grew into a beautiful and brave pack leader. She never bothered domestic livestock, and became a favorite of Yellowstone wolf watchers. They occasionally reported seeing her bring down mature elk all by herself. She gave birth to several litters, was seen by watchers as an awesome mother and teacher.

I discovered 06 through postings of photos and descriptions of her pack’s activities by photographers and hobby wolf-watchers. They loved her. When the wolf was six years old, she ventured outside Yellowstone’s protected territory with one of her pups. Someone waiting with a shotgun for such an opportunity shot both animals. Along with the many others who loved 06, I screamed “Murderer!”, and whoever did the deed has remained since in hiding.

The end of 06 occurred just as I was bringing home a new puppy. That’s the story behind the name of my Osix.

Maybe fantasies about 06, her beauty, courage, and strength, are much of why I look forward to the emergence and light of January’s Wolf Moon. I’m not alone. Poets write to that moon, artists create to it, and I am envious of their abilities to illustrate its power and awesomeness.

And in a nod to another kind of realism, here’s one of my favorites:

Dear Friends: The powerful combining of fantasy and art cannot be over-estimated. Diana

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