In Sight & Beyond

Rising Full Wolf Moon (50xZoom)

Wednesday, January 27, 2021 (Tomorrow a Full Wolf Moon rises.)

It’s a good thing the other evening that I caught the Full Wolf Moon’s rising. Yesterday afternoon, after new snow fell, our sky became cloud-filled and this morning reveals nada.

Early yesterday morning, I was awakened by the setting Wolf Moon’s shine through my bedroom’s west window, creating a world aglow. I slipped on slippers, donned a robe, grabbed my forty-times zoom Canon, and hurried outside to capture the magic natural light.

Setting Wolf Moon (40xZoom)

My two zoom cameras are Canons. The new 40x isn’t nearly as satisfying as my old 50x. That earlier camera, used for eight or ten years, has been steadier to handle than the new 40x. The 50x in sighting and shooting seems to capture in images more of surrounding elements.

For example, the 50x captured the moon traveling through clouds, with moon and clouds moving quickly, sometimes an unclear mish-mosh. The next morning, my 40x moon seemed holding steady. Its shine reached me through juniper branches. Although I hoped to capture moon and trees, a bald moon became the 40x camera’s best shot. There’s nothing wrong with the image, it’s just less than hoped for.

Not to dis the 40x, for it makes fun captures. Here are some early morning mountain bluebirds, pausing briefly in the cold. They’ll soon fly again and land on my horses’ troughs. There they’ll perch and take turns sipping and keeping watch.

Trying to capture what I want returns me to the market for another zoom camera, and this time with better-defined goals and needs. I’ll seek expert advice from such as B&H Cameras. If my dream isn’t affordable, maybe Canon will accept my old satisfying 50x for repairs and refurbishment. Also worth exploring is ebay, which might offer a refurbished version of my 50x. Today, the search begins.

Dear Friends: This morning no visual moon, but it will reappear and grandly. Diana

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