Energy Pulses

Wolf Moon In Madras (photo by Karen McCarthy)

Friday, January 29, 2021 (50 days until the first day of spring 2021)

I’ve eagerly anticipated January’s Full Wolf Moon, and yesterday, saw its magnificent appearance in the evening through a kitchen window. Before getting my camera and photographing the lovely sight, I paused, to finish washing dishes in the sink. In the snap of those few moments of distraction, my moon disappeared. I tried without success to locate it among the still snowy and water-heavy clouds.

Seeing this Wolf Moon is one thing. As it happens, I can hear it howling, too.

Yesterday and serendipitously, my friend, Karen, who lives in Madras, sent the photo I’m borrowing for today’s header. Her shot captures how naturally this moon, in January’s sky and winter, simultaneously reveals the polar opposites of enlightening and haunting.

Thank you, Karen!

That Wolf Moon speaks is a reminder of coming spring, and by the calendar in fifty days. I’m calculating needed time and energy to get my horses into shape for riding and driving. To this end, I’ve stepped away from a supervisory role at work and reduced at-work days to three-weekly.

For several more nights, the light of January’s Full Wolf Moon will shine overhead, and hopefully in my area be visible enough to yield more enlightenment.

Dear Friends: Maybe spring on the calendar will become spring in the reality. Diana

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