Dogs Be Dogs


Saturday, January 30, 2021 (In 49 days, the first day of spring.)

I’m in the age group scheduled for corvid shots. I have learned through public media that Central Oregon’s vaccines for my population were shifted over to Portland for its residents. Early on I signed up for an appointment and never heard back. Now, what to do next? One thing for sure, I’ll write a complaining letter to Governor Brown.

Okay, so vaccines are disappearing, along with Grape Nuts Cereal, and the still clouded-out Wolf Moon, again invisible last night and this morning. Aside from those issues, perhaps a most discomforting thing is the increasing referral to human populations as herds. I love animals, and yet hope that our common sense of humanity, even slightly, won’t seem dehumanized.

I searched for something to help offset this morning’s mental discomforts. The header photo from last summer shows Louie under the powerlines in our local outback. He’s drinking from a canal, a pleasant reminder of warm weather with running water and fresh grass. I recall, too, water lilies heavily populating the little canal. My photo didn’t capture them, but I’ll shoot those lilies when again there with a camera. Out in the outback–in some 40-odd days.

In another photo from last summer, my whole pack enjoys a larger canal.

The Pack: Ranger, Miles, Osix, Louie

Dear Friends: “Herd” refers to certain living species, and so does “humanity”. Diana

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