Mountain Bluebird

Sunday, January 31, 2021 (48 days to spring)

This is my first Sunday in weeks not to rush for an early start at work. I’ve reduced my working days to three weekly and am eager to explore what’s “out there” and fun to learn about, or to get doing.

For one thing, hat-off to my high school friend, Stephanie. She suggested trying my hand at knitting with a knitting board. Like me, she’s stumbled with needles, before discovering that a fixed board made knitting easy. Now, on one she turns out lovely pieces.

Stephanie knits on a circular loom, maybe similar to the one below. She loves it and my research suggests this loom can knit anything, straight or curving, and all sizes.

KB Afghan Loom

I found the curves daunting, and moreover, also the videos showing how to use this style loom. Stephanie insisted I keep trying, and so, I watched more videos. My eyes and brain couldn’t track with the yarn wrappings, and etc., that create knitting.

In the past, I’ve tried working with needles, sometimes making progress, but never getting the hang of them. My needle pieces dazzled with stitches dropped and reversed. Honestly, needling bored me.

After failing to grasp loom videos, I turned to reading bunches of reviews about knitting on different style looms. Many reviewers swore by a straight version that looked easiest, and so I plunged.

KB All-n-One Loom

To my uneducated self, unpackaging this loom was discouraging. I set it aside and tried to forget, but maybe January’s Full Wolf Moon urged me on. Long story short, I watched and re-watched many more videos. Finally, something clicked in and I began wrapping yarn around little posts.

Today, forgive this poor photo, but here’s the exciting start of a double-knitted wool scarf.

Dear Friends: We’re all creative, if we keep exploring, trying, and believing. Diana

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