Lifting & Keeping

Monday, February 01, 2021 (48 days until the first day of spring)

Melinda Gates, co-chair of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, has written a book, “The Moment of Lift” (2019), subtitled, “How Empowering Women Changes the World”. Gates for twenty years has traveled the world in the roles of philanthropist and businesswoman. She recognizes that millions of women wish to be treated as equal citizens.

In parts of the world, women are denied many rights and privileges. They can’t decide whether, when, and whom to marry; or go to school; or earn an income; or spend their own money; or shape their budget; or start a business; or get a loan; or own property; or divorce a husband; or see a doctor; or run for office; or ride a bike; or drive a car; or go to college; or study computers; or find investors.

Modern parts of the world have allowed women to make strides toward equally, to achieve recognition as intelligent, capable of creativity and usefulness in business, science, and sociology. Their elevated status evolved upon access to contraceptives. Once becoming less tied to household management, women became more free to participate in social and business activities. Their skills and contributions are an outcome of more rights and privileges.

Gates’ journey as a public advocate began by speaking to women about family planning. Her sessions on this topic revealed it alone wasn’t enough, for many more women’s issues flowed into family planning. The basic issue against women’s taking a place equal to men, is a lack of achieved rights as individuals.

This book explains women Gates has met and their situations. She has encouraged them to engage and become active influencers of local social and political situations. At its core, Gates’ journey toward equality is very personal. Gates says her sense of equality was enabled by a little pill she took daily. That allowed her to choose herself if and when to have children.

American politics increasingly have given voice and power to many who would erase hard-earned essential women’s rights. Gates is a woman with wealth and position power who speaks out unafraid, and with experience and authority.

Gender inequality is about as old as human existence. More equality than ever has been achieved during society’s last forty or fifty years, but only in some parts of the world. Unfortunately, even where equality has progressed, it’s still very vulnerable.

Dear Friends: Could disarming 70M rabid Trump supporters disempower them? Diana

One thought on “Lifting & Keeping

  1. We have to end the hate and divisiveness, is a call to disarming 70M rabid Trump supporters helpful? What a sweeping generalization, it’s like saying that the Antifa and BLM rioters who burned and looted cities in the Summer are all Joe Biden and Bernie supporters. They are not! I have many friends who voted for Trump, not because they liked the man, but because he stood for Christian values, they are not rabid, gun toting hoodlums. I have many friends who voted for Biden and they were not out burning and looting. We have to stop this, we have to accept each other for our differences or this is never going to end. I don’t know what is happening to this country that I moved to back in 1980 and it grieves me.


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