Spring’s Arrival

Friday, February 05, 2021 (43 days before the first day of spring)

Recently, I reduced my at-work days to two weekly. This requires a reorientation to freedom in daytimes. That seems easy, but after six months of absence from routine household and property work, returning things to order means catching up to points past.

I’m wrapping my head around what needs attention, am astonished by all the “ignored messy”, while dashing into or out of the house. My key focus has been caring for animals, leaving most everything else untouched. The exceptions are in key spots, like cleaning the kitchen counter where food is prepared, and organizing the master bathroom so as to hasten myself off to the job.

Working nearly full time was a grand experiment, an way to escape frequent solitude. My working team, re-beginning after months of being laid off, required me to work five days weekly. After months of self-isolating, I looked forward to the workplace.

Starting again was fun, sometimes stressful. The problems were that horses need hay and someone keeping a watch over then, and dogs need to be inside during rain and extreme cold, or outside in improved weather. Wanting to be in two places at once began overcoming the fun of working and got me rethinking my commitment.

So, today’s my second of being home, free from the job another few days. Yesterday, like a kid in hardly recognizable surroundings, I organized some but mostly loafed around. Ahead, I’ll take my dogs out for runs, walk the streets with Peaches on my shoulder, and lead my dwarf goats on strolls through the neighborhood. The horses, meanwhile, will graze at a neighbor’s place, until it’s warm and time to get them into condition for summer’s riding and driving.

Dear Friends: Freedom and planning encourage eagerness for spring’s arrival. Diana

One thought on “Spring’s Arrival

  1. I’m so glad you can give yourself more freedom. I know you will never really slow down but now you can play more!β€οΈπŸ˜ŠπŸ‘πŸ™‹β€β™€οΈ

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