Sorting Through

Snow stream

Saturday, February 06, 2021 (

Today I’m writing on a new computer and feeling slightly awkward because of improved technology over my several years with another computer. This new machine has a more responsive and intelligent keyboard, it has larger keys spaced slightly more apart. My fingers keep slipping and sliding.

There’s more that’s new. Yesterday my zoom camera arrived. I took it outside to practice shooting and think we’ll become good friends. Today’s header photo from that camera is a quickie, snapped from faraway of standing snow. It was intended as a toss-away, but something about the image is attractive, somehow reminding me of shallow water. I didn’t adjust or alter it, so there, a work of art capture.

While busy with the new computer and camera, I totally neglected my phone. This morning its battery is dead, and too bad, It holds more pictures from yesterday that I hoped to share, but can’t until the phone again is up and running.

Dear Friends: Just a quickie while working through a transition, have a great day. Diana

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