Sunday, February 07, 2021

Sorry to say, I’m not yet set up to transfer photos from my new camera to the computer. Believe me, I’ve fiddled with ways to make a transfer all this morning, but am forced now to toss in the towel as this is a at-work day at Costco.

What’s most irritating is that yesterday the photos did transfer, maybe today I’m too anxious and that’s the problem. Anyway, this will be settled tomorrow because there’s a transfer cable on its way to me. The cable allows a direct connection between two hardware elements, enabling data exchanges. No more will I be scrambling to download photos using bluetooth and wifi! Nevermore, I can hope…but as usual, must nod to a caveat.

A forced partial-learning occurs while attempting to do new things, even in failing. This business of transferring by using new ways begins another “new to me” that in the near future I’ll have to know “how to do”. That’s ahead and not so worrisome because recently I learned to use a complex computer system, and did all right. Chalking-up a yea for having faced a challenge.

I could spin off into the mysteries and joys of learning, but haven’t time this morning. You know and I know that it’s a major topic with me and will pop up another day.

Dear Friends: Have a wonderful day by making it a point to learn something new. Diana

One thought on “Struggle

  1. I have struggled to transfer photos from my phone to our very old Mac. Computer insists I go through ITunes. Have had only limited success depending on whether all the systems will cooperate🥴 I took a walk with the dogs this morning and then a second walk with the kids and grands and Nick off the south Rickard loop that Dave and I showed you. Not sure I have learned anything new yet but maybe tonight. We love to watch our recorded Nature shows and Masterpiece and Secret Life of Zoo so there’s hope😜

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