Exquisite Balance

Monday, February 08, 2021 (42 days until First Day of Spring)

While stumbling around on the internet I happened across what makes today special. February 8 is “Opera Day”. That strikes a old cord within me from years ago when I was a huge opera fan. Many Saturdays, I reserved time to listen to the Met’s live broadcasts, and in those days I owned bunches of live opera recordings on LPs. In Kansas City where I lived, tickets for good seats at concerts back then were cheap. I attended performances by classical artists and learned the joy of experiencing in real time the capabilities of the human voice.

I’m still an opera fan although now out of date. I too rarely take time to concentrate on lovely song stories told by great artists. Anyway, this morning, fiddling around on the topic of opera, I pulled up some of my favorite artists in great performances. For awhile, I was lost in music.

So, this is a good day for sharing opera. Maybe something universal appealing and beautifully performed but not too lengthy. I discovered everything wished for captured in this video, a recording session with wonderful musicians performing famous music. From the opera, Lakmé, by the French composer Delibes, this song is entitled, Duo des fleurs (Flower Duet). The singers are soprano, Sabine Devieilhe, and mezzo soprano, Marianne Crebassaof.

Enjoy four minutes of sheer deliciousness: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C1ZL5AxmK_A

Dear Friends: Today is about waking-up, taking time to listen and feel the sublime. Diana

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