Eyes On Nature

Tuesday, February 09, 2021 (40 days until First Day of Spring)

My new toys are up and running, after having received and installed various auxiliary parts. Today’s header photo is of a flicker high in a treetop. It’s from my 70sx zoom camera, with me about fifty yards away. The eye viewer helps to stabilize shots, yet there’s a little camera shake. I tried three times to capture the entire bird, finally successful in an instant before it flew.

From a distance, here are “the girls” grazing in a neighbor’s pasture.

I continued to check capture possibilities over distances. Here, the camera is zeroed-in to capture individualities. As usual, Pimmy’s whole cute self is irresistible.

I love bluebirds–beautiful, quick and fun. This season. many are hanging by my barn.

Like, whole flocks of them.

Finally, because this is so cool, a tree-scape.

An apparatus arrived that should enable better camera stabilization during high zooming. Stabilizing is the challenge, for even a slight push of the capture button adds a little shake. A new controller that I’ll try out today adds a separate handheld device which helps with focus and remotely captures images.

Dear Friends: A step forward will be, on snowshoes, out tramping with camera. Diana

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