Persuasive Conditions

Ominous clouds

Thursday, February 11, 2021 (38 days until First Day of Spring)

Yeah, oh yeah, here in Central Oregon starting around noon, we can anticipate a massive snowfall that’ll continue a couple of days. Also, a spell of very cold weather that’ll keep snow on the ground for days. We’ve had a heads-up long enough to prepare, and as usual, in moments just prior I’ll leap into action.

First this morning, a couple of outings. I must pick up my Jeep from the repair shop and then go to receive a first Covid injection. Returning home, I’ll gas up and start the snow-blowers, they’re critical in combating snowy terrains. My house on a hill, has me needing blown paths to and from the barn, and a blown driveway that’s long and curvy.

The horses will stay home where they have shelter. Aside from periodic tosses of hay, and unless downfall requires snow-blowing, I’ll be inside with the dogs, birds, and Max the cat. An inside free afternoon will let me experiment with ideas for designing a webpage for the Eight Pines Ranch.

A focused webpage is a huge commitment requiring one or more clear themes, objectives, and goals. To focus and develop my hopeful ideas, I’ll apply practical methods used to create viable business plans. There will be more to come.

Meanwhile, if you find yourself in a snow zone, bundle up. Put to good use all inside time.

Dear Friends: A dedication to continuous learning would be a webpage backbone. Diana

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