Medium Freeze

Friday, February 12, 2021 (36 days until First Day of Spring)

Spring, please, get here early!

All day yesterday snow slowly fell in little-bitty flakes, not the big fluffy kind that draws us to windows to witness nature’s beauty. Yesterday’s all-day fall compared to past snowstorms didn’t much accumulate nor become too bothersome. At least, not at Eight Pines Ranch. Yet, in trips to and from the barn, my cleated boots did do some wading-through and kicking-up. Today, we’re likely to be hit again. Several predicted follow-on snowstorms supposedly could fall for days and spike the challenges of navigating on foot or in a vehicle.

My horses spent much time standing in a shed that sheltered them, but on spotting me hurrying downhill toward the barn, they ignored falling snow and accumulated beside the gate. Soon, I’d be coming toward them and pulling a hay-filled sled. It’s a feeding ritual that happens several times daily. Horses always are hungry.

The horses’ bodies are warm and yet sport unmelted snow. Not a worry, because by plunging my fingers deeply into a horse’s coat, its bodily warmth is revealed. As a matter of practice, when my fingers feel stiff and frozen, I slip the gloves and warm my bare hands against an equine body.

My fantasy is that we’ve seen all the snow that’ll fall.

Meanwhile, my heat pump is failing. The inside temperature is about 50 degrees, it’s freezing in here! Luckily, I noticed the thermostat dropping and sensed failure, for my heat pump usually maintains a steady temperature. Luckily yesterday, I could reach the furnace folks and arrange for help this morning. Meanwhile, my pellet stove will warm the area.

Usually, system failures occur at the most awful times, like major holidays or on Sundays. This one could have been a huge problem in cold, snowy weather, and fortunately, the conditions outside aren’t bad enough to tie up repair crews.

Dear Friends: Stay warm and have a wonderful day. Diana

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