Snow Play

Saturday, February 13, 2021 (35 days until First Day of Spring)

The dogs loaded into my vintage Jeep and we took off for somewhere for them to run. They were eager, for between my working schedule and inclement weather, too much time had passed since they last were freely dashing dogs. Full disclosure, my other purpose for finding open spaces with snow was to take landscape photos. We found the right place with lots of interesting terrain. The dogs ran, and I activated my zoom camera.

I learned that this camera too-slowly transitions from the instant of capture and readies for another shot. Maybe there’s a fix to this in its dial-up capabilities. Meanwhile, I’m shooting on automatic focus. The camera can stop action and did with the dogs. Yesterday’s photos are pleasing, don’t need editing, but more rapid transitions would be a big plus.

Here are the dogs in that snowy landscape.

Snow so changes the visual world that scenes we’re accustomed to appear new and different. Most of yesterday’s scenic photos weren’t practice throwaways as I anticipated. Instead the downloads were interesting and compelling.

This stokes my imagination!

Dear Friends: It’s impossible to overestimate wintertime’s abundant joys and beauties. Diana

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