Gray Days To Blue

Winter Sky

Monday, February 15, 2021 (35 days until the First Day of Spring)

Happy President’s Day!

It’s not springy here in Central Oregon, but a signal of change is that snow from the weekend is melting. There still might be lots of snow over on the Old Golf Course where this afternoon the dogs and I will go. They will run while I snowshoe.

Physical exertion should help clear my head of the current burdens confusing me in nighttime dreams. I’ve an outside job that’s become tiring. I’m sporting a hangover from the complicated impeachment process. I’ll skip lightly over the complexities of relationships, the calls for pedaling around issues to maintain balance. You get it and understand, without bunches of detail.

Onw way to counter what’s in one’s head is getting out and going. Shopping, a popular diversion, is costly and often wasteful. Far too many times, I’ve carried home items seeming with potential that weren’t useful. I’ve concluded that the best way to counter “brain burdens” is with physical exercise. The trick is to figure out which exercises best suit oneself. Central Oregon is an athletic environment with folks working out in gyms, or skiing, or bicycling, or running, and active in many other ways. Like me, some enjoy working with horses. By the way, a horse doesn’t get all the exercise, it’s size calls for a strong handler.

Heavy exercise sidetracks and relaxes a brain, allowing one to think more clearly. Today, after snowshoeing, my burdens might feel less problematic. Exercising which solves little issues and helps to set aside bigger ones means I’ve found the right outlet to combat feeling snowed-in and dulled by routine worries.

Dear Friends: Accustomed to self-isolating, we seek alternatives to satisfy emotional and physical needs. Diana

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