Breakfast, cracked corn & gummy bugs

Tuesday, February 16, 2021 (34 days until the First Day of Spring)

Things don’t always go as one might wish. Yesterday, down here low, we had less packed snow from the mountains. Our area began warming and creating slush. By early afternoon when I planned to head out to play with dogs and snowshoes, most snow still unevaporated had become wet mucks. I needed wading boots. Today, in a greater effort I might head up to packed snow in the mountains for a really good outing before having to pack away the shoes.

Instead, yesterday became a shopping day. I made one of my periodic trips to the Dollar Store and paid my semi-annual visit to Walmart. These keep me in touch with beyond Costco where I work. It’s easy to shop at Costco and exploring other venues isn’t necessary, except for the money wasted. Large quantities from Costco create waste for a single person. Much stored on my shelves stays there forever. Costco bulk purchases make better sense for family shoppers. Yesterday was enlightening. Other venues don’t require memberships which saves money. Sure, Costco kicks money back to its members, but single or two-person families that shop there exclusively, spend and waste more.

I thought about that yesterday evening and will take that day’s lessons to heart.

I’ve read that stroking a cat tends to lower a human’s blood pressure. Maybe having Maxwell on my lap helped relax me enough to plan ahead for making changes.

Dear Friends: Nobody gives you freedom, you have to take it. Diana

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