Snow light

Wednesday, February 17. 2021 (33 days before the First Day of Spring)

Goodbye, snow. You were here briefly after having gotten the storm severity and your powder depth about right. My lingering complaint is that you didn’t last a day or two beyond last Sunday. But I’m optimistic, for snows have occurred in late February and during March. I don’t mind waiting awhile before stashing my snowshoes for the season.

What’s left of standing snow either has turned to being ice-crusted or being slushy-wet. I slosh down to the barn and up again. I can’t help remembering cool paths that I kicked just days ago.

Snow trail

What’s intriguing this season has been seeing my barn differently. In evening light, especially if there’s snow, I top my hill to sight the barn and am aware of its reinvigorated appeal. The barn sighting always is welcome and compelling, but the vision this season strikes me differently. It beckoning me to go outside with art supplies in an early evening, to capture the barn’s glowing warmth–this time impressionistically instead of with photography. Stay tuned.

Perhaps my thoughts about snow are undergoing transformation. I’m sensing it as less problematic and more about opportunity. Of course, everything depends on a combination of weather intensity, snow amount, length of interruptive climate, and having tools to combat. For me, those tools have been snowshoes and my increasing thoughts of art.

To stay in reality, on a recent snow day, in real time and lots of merits, here’s a heart-warmer.

Dear Friends: Let’s view some transformations as seriousness with an element of play. Diana

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