Pursuing An Interest

Thursday, February 18, 2021 (32 days before the First Day of Spring)

I’m designing a hanging twelve-month calendar, and tomorrow expect that an initial draft-printed version will make this idea real. The draft is illustrated by a quickly-selected photo montage of my animals. A follow-on version will include photos from farther back in time. They more thoughtfully will associate to specific months’ weather patterns and traditions.

This calendar is an old idea that my friend, Janet, and I began considering several years ago while costuming my donkey, Pimmy, for participating in parades. Janet, an artist, designed the costumes and Pimmy’s dressed-up visuals were terrific. Every December since, Janet remembers that we failed to begin early to create a calendar for starting in January. This time and having begun early, I’ll invite Janet into the process. We might get it done.

What triggered my enthusiasm is a recent great photo of my Border Collie, Miles. From about fifty yards away, my zoom camera caught him, paused and focused on ambushing his buddies, capturing his posture and intent.

I loved this photo and left it untouched, had it printed as an 8×10 which didn’t disappoint. Now framed and perfect, it make me think again about making a calendar. Stay posted.

Dear Friends: By pursuing our interests, we will be able to create and invent our own work. Diana

3 thoughts on “Pursuing An Interest

  1. Please put me on the calendar list — I’d love to buy one. I’m hoping everyone, equine, feline, & canine will be included, as well as avian. It will doubtless be fabulous !

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