Thawing sky

Sunday, February 21, 2021 (29 days until the First Day of Spring)

When next my farrier arrives from California to take care of clients in Central Oregon, around mid-April and depending on the weather, he might shoe both horses. For sure he’ll shoe Rosie’s rear hooves to strengthen her for conditioning to be ridden and driven.

The farrier was here yesterday and mentioned his next visit in April. That was my wake up call that time is closing in for starting to ready the horses for doing work. In a few weeks, the weather will be warmer, I could stand outside and exercise them using the long lines. Activities associated to this require me to practice “tacking up”, for riding and for harnessing to drive. Practice sessions are essential, for after months of not assembling tack, tacking-up has stumbles. In early season outings, I’ve know disappointment in finding an essential bit of tack missing. Or, while on horseback, having attached my off side rein to one of a bridle’s useless rings.

Along with the prep challenges is excitement in again anticipating adventures with the horses. And hopefully accompanied by my four dogs. These dogs are older and showing early arthritis that could limit running on horse trails. For a devoted Border Collie, like my Miles, finding himself staying home as the horse trailer is pulling away equates to disaster. Dear Miles, your unhappy screams would sadden me and I’d miss your presence on the trails, but better that you can walk and run painlessly on our property than needing narcotic meds to alleviate over-exercising.

Today’s temperature should rise to about fifty degrees. I’ll scramble to take the horses over to pasture before it’s time for me to leave for work. Later, in early darkness and wearing a headlight, I’ll returned to the horses and lead them home.

Dear Friends: Periodic renewals of activity can refresh our senses and spirits. Diana

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