Thousands Of Words

Dusky Flycatcher (juvenile)

Monday, February 22, 2021 (28 days until the First Day of Spring)

This little fellow landed nearby yesterday evening, took its time watching for insects and darted swiftly to make captures. The bird was unbothered by my presence and camera. I grabbed shots that should have been clear, but none turned out pleasing enough. To understand more about the camera’s focusing options, I turned to YouTube. Now going forward, I’ll try to get away from automatic focus and start adjusting manually.

As a non-techie in love with photography, I’m awed by modern cameras with incredible attributes and challenged to understand their capabilities. I’ve found while looking at past photos that an image instantly can recreate an experience and associated memories. A picture is worth a thousand words because it captures complete moments.

Achieving desired outcomes isn’t easy with a complex camera. Now, with several days free from work and YouTube under my belt, I’ll carry the camera and play with settings. I often will return to YouTube, but expect that experimenting with settings will increase my awareness and ease an absorption of technicalities.

Meanwhile, there are pleasing captures that keep me working to improve my camerawork. This image of Maxwell moving into action has many hoped-for qualities.

Dear Friends: Any problem will matter less if one can manage to hold the right attitude toward it. Diana

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