Toward Going Live

Saturday, February 27, 2021 (22 days before the First Day of Spring)

Yesterday, I ordered from Word Press a new webpage, for Eight Pines Ranch, and began designing it. Its intended logo, above, is the Ranch sign that my friend, Susie, created and surprised me with months ago.

For some reason, my ordering of a new page made Word Press turn me into an unknown this morning. It tossed me off this daily blog site. All today’s early hours were needed to negotiate a return to this page. Now, most of my thoughts are anger at my blog host, but railing at an uncaring platform is useless.

About the Eight Pines web page, it’s a shot in the dark and still ill-defined. I’ve been wanting an Eight Pines website, and sometimes, just moving ahead with an idea tends to work out fuzzy details. Word Press, when it’s working right, is easy to use. It’s suggestions and templates can reduce designing and creating efforts. That’s cool, for after an initial web page becomes a reality, initial designs may be reworked and elaborated.

Currently, I’ve a couple of ideas for the website’s content. One is to make it a writing platform for my daily blogs, and another is to use it for displaying creative arts, and not necessarily my creations, for I enjoy obscure and interesting pieces from news sources and the internet, and want to make them more available to readers. I will admit to wishing to be more creative in my personal writing and photography. I’ll explore this vis-à-vis the website.

So, I’m introducing my hoped-for transition. All will depend on the page’s being on a friendly, appropriate platform, and having clearly defined objectives and goals.

Dear Friends: My body shows signs of aging, but my dreams not at all. Diana

One thought on “Toward Going Live

  1. This is very interesting. Will you be on a whole new platform? Will your readers need to sign up again to accommodate any changes?
    The “Eight Pines Ranch” art work is beautiful!


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