‘Neath The Big Blue

Red Tailed Hawk

Sunday, February 28, 2021 (21 days until the First Day of Spring)

It’s no great picture of a raptor, but it’s a miracle that my zoom camera captured it soaring way overhead. The hawk was one of hunting pair that eventually drifted lower, but my camera couldn’t again find one or both in the unclouded sky. The Zoom has limits that frustrate but not enough to dwell on, because it can make pleasing captures.

With the dogs loaded into my Jeep, we went to a natural space on Bend’s east side and hiked several miles. I planned to photograph relatively simple scenes, searching for one that whole or in parts could become a model for painting in pastels or oils. These are candidates.

Countering log

I’m no natural artist, but viewing art works does teach that truth and beauty are in the eye of the beholder. As I seek my own version of truth and beauty, hold on, for the ride could become wild.

My dogs are wonderful hiking companions, always nearby, or returning frequently for a reassurance that I’m tracking along. On this outing, I didn’t intend to take photos of the dogs, but in the end it’s impossible to resist their presence and sheer fun.

Louie, loves anything yukky
Osix, naturally a beauty
Ranger, always having the greatest fun
A muddle of three, made striking by Miles’ distraction and outer focus

I’m committed to move forward. There’s a web site in creation and a plan to explore my artistic side. To answer a reader’s question, I hope to coordinate the website and blog to work together seamlessly (both on the Word Press platform). There should be no need to renew blog subscriptions. I’m hoping a companion website may provide more for folks to enjoy. Stay tuned.

Dear Friends: Describing what one is learning may turn into a way of teaching others. Diana

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