Cow Happy

Monday, March 01, 2021 (20 days before First Day of Spring)

One of my postings years ago offered an idea that still seems great. It’s that by finding a small relaxed herd and hanging out with the cows a bit, one will begin feeling more mellow. I love imagining this, it seems so possible.

I’m often in a space of high mental energy and near-anxiety. Escaping this means finding ways to chill out and relax. My key solution is being around animals, the sorts most of us have, dogs, cats, horses, and for some of us, birds. I’m lucky to have nice horses.

Animal interactions force us to work at thinking in the animal’s world. This activity eases us from our own worlds.

Hanging out with cows is a notion that would be worlds away from my life. Except it’s a secondary experience, and something that seems real, could be beneficial.

Years ago, I taught creative writing to adults. Many had families and long working experience, but had realized the value of re-entering college and completing their degrees. One of the most memorable stories that a student submitted was from a man, who while a young boy had received the gift of a baby heifer. His paper told of growing up with the animal and providing her full care. He spoke eloquently of a poignant close relationship that existed between them.

His pet became tuned to his needs. Sometimes finding the cow laying in her stall, he’d snuggle against her, his head resting on her belly, and fall asleep. The animal wouldn’t move until he awoke. The details of their mutual sensitivity and closeness opened for me new possibilities in relationships between humans and large animals.

I’ve since believed that herd animals are capable of offering much more than often realized. In struggling to explore my artistic side, I must remember to find relaxing periods. Interacting with my animals helps.

Now, as today’s header photos re-trigger that student’s essay, I’m starting to think of finding few peaceful-looking bovines, and for awhile hanging out with them.

Dear Friends: Communications that teach us about others also teach us about ourselves. Diana

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