Walkin’ My Babies Back Home

Tuesday, March 02, 2021 (19 days before the First Day of Spring)

Today’s header photo is a capture from late yesterday taken by my friend, Susie. I’m leading my equines home after another day in which they grazed and hung out in a kind neighbor’s pasture.

Yesterday was warm and very pleasant, real shirtsleeve weather. In an afternoon of working outside and doing barn-related chores, I didn’t wear a jacket. Later while collecting the horses, I noticed in the pasture a dark green underlayer that hints at new grass. Because young grass is very sugary, the horses won’t be allowed to nibble pasture grass for hours at a stretch. Sweet summer grass are no-no’s for horses that tend to gain weight. My horses are very “easy keepers” and their weights aren’t affected by less-nutritional winter grass.

In a week or two they’ll come off pasture until sometime around next Thanksgiving. Meantime, they’ll have jobs. I’ll start getting them into condition for riding and driving, after first adjusting myself to the activity of conditioning them. It’ll be okay when we’re in action, but after being dormant for months, I’m not eager to be out daily and working the horses. Annually, my attitude brightens as we regain strength.

Dear Friends: Getting up and moving renews our senses and spirits and strengthens our goals. Diana

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