Kids & Equines

Wednesday, March 03, 2021 (Now, 18 days before the First Day of Spring.)

The horses brought us new friends, a neighbor, Nancy, and her granddaughter, Stella. Just enjoy seeing that little girl’s smile! Nancy says that Stella’s future will include riding lessons and a pony.

They happened to be driving by as my horsey trio and I walked on the street toward a neighbor’s pasture where the horses would spend that day’s gorgeous spring preview. Nancy slowed her car so Stella could enjoy seeing the animals, and I invited them to meet us at the pasture gate.

My donkey, Pimmy, is a dream pet, good natured, gentle, and just plain cute. She’s a popular sight, has been costumed and photographed, marched in parades, stood-in as Virgin Mary’s ride for religious ceremonies. Nowadays, she’s a show-stopper for many who pass the pasture where she and her horse buddies graze.

So, no surprise when Nancy slowed and explained how she enjoys driving by and seeing the horses. I loved that she and Stella were delighted at a real-time opportunity to meet Pimmy. Stella, a happy courageous child, didn’t hesitate to sit on Pimmy’s back. Her smiles said it all.

Here’s my favorite photo. Shot from a cool angle and even without a full Pimmy, it captures adventure, joy, and fun.

Not much goes together as well as kids and equines! Even those of us beyond a physical child stage find while around equines how quickly they reveal our long-held inner kids.

Pimmy is a star, as is the whole trio. Its herd leader, Rosie, kept an eye on Pimmy during the photoshoot and relaxed when Pimmy rejoined the family. All quickly got busy attending to their most serious business.

Dear Friends: Precious moments, of letting loose and playing, nourishes your inner child. Diana

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