Backyard Birds

Thursday, March 04, 2021 (17 days before the First Day of Spring)

Here’s a rascal that for days has hammered at one or more spots on my roof, working periodically in short bursts. The noise demands attention, but my position on the ground prevents a spotting of the working bird. Sometimes, like above, it’s perched, pausing, and planning a next destructive attack. This flicker hasn’t worked consistently enough to break through my roof (far as I can tell). Years ago its ancestor did so successfully.

The most casual watchers can spot this woodpecker easily. The bird is gorgeous in flight and at rest. Maybe it’s the most destructive to homes among the woodpecker varieties. Contractors tell horror stories about their attempts to eradicate these nuisance birds. I understand frustrations about flickers but side with the birds. I’m always happy when they appear heralding the new spring, like the one that in seventeen days will be official.

I will wrap this up and hurry to lead my horses down the road to pasture before leaving for work. First though, here’s a fun capture. This bird, at the very top of a high tree, might be a yellow-bellied flycatcher, or a common western warbler. Whatever, I’ll be on the lookout for more of this cutie.

Dear Friends: I’m preparing a canvas, will attempt to paint a charming neighborhood bird. Diana

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