Saturday, March 13, 2021 (8 days before the First Day of Spring; DST begins tomorrow)

Yesterday’s weather was lovely with clear skies, high temperatures, and an inviting outdoors.

I understand that modern motorists are unaware that horses legally have the right of way. Lately, while on the streets with my three equines, we’ve been surprised by too-speedy or unusually-noisy vehicles. They pose a possibility of frightening my large animals. The other day after a couple of homemade, speeding and not street-legal, vehicles roared past my house, I felt extra-worried about walking on local, formerly very quiet, streets with my horses.

We regularly have strolled for about a third of a mile to Bobby’s property. The horses and I love his large and very grassy space, unused a few years until we arrived. Until this year, walking there returning home wasn’t worrisome, but this year, with the local housing market exploding and new residents arriving, the street traffic has changed.

My neighbor, John, across the street, with a small pasture, welcomes my horses to graze. Yesterday, fearing traffic, I marched the trio over to spend their day. Crossing the road–what a relief, to feel in control of my destiny! For everyday use, John’s pasture is a little small, but it’ll be our go-to place until my equilibrium rebounds.

Otherwise, yesterday was one of working on the ranch. I cleaned much residue after weeks of too-cold to work outside. Cleaning horsey areas is a never-ending task that’s in funny ways rewarding. I suppose it’s about physical exercise with instant gratification, measurable accomplishment.

Dear Friends: Next week, another instantly rewarding physical activity, horseback riding! Diana

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