Sort of Springing Ahead

Pimmy, at the gate, awaiting my arrival

Sunday, March 14, 2021 (in 7 days, spring will become official)

Spring is a week distant but signs are appearing. Warm weather and lots of sunshine are high points. Today especially is significant, as most of us have or are fiddling with our clocks.

This time around I felt prepared. My blog reminders of daylight savings time coming kept me focused. Last night before retiring, in unusual preparedness, I turned the clocks ahead. I’m a keeper of horses and too-short winter daylights always take tolls. I welcome earlier daylights, the first of which starts today.

This morning, Max (my cat) awakened me slightly after 4 a.m. He was massaging my leg. Sleepily, I tried pushing him off the bed, but no dice–he’s a stubborn guy. Hearing the noise, Osix joined us and my wishes for a little more sleep evaporated.

Starting off, the morning felt fine. I was proud of already having clocks turned forward, being early on my feet and looking forward to morning light. Best, I’d go earlier to the barn and feed the large animals.

Something has happened though. Over the last hour, while reading online news articles, my eyes began drooping, my energy is dissipating. I feel tired, want to return to bed. Darn! This year’s changeover was supposed to be different. Isn’t it so, that by careful planning, an impending change will go well?

I suppose the real truth is in the science. Remember that real-time lessons this year constantly have reminded us to pay attention to science. About studies on time and light changes, they’ve been shown to impact our routine functioning. This morning, I’m a textbook example.

Well, I can’t return to bed, it’s is a working day at my part-time job. Must hope not to yawn through the event. Now, as a first light dawns, Peaches has begun his screaming, and the horses, goats, and my last surviving hen, will begin to call.

More, Pimmy at the gate

Dear Friends: Add my honk to those opposed to twice-yearly manual time changes. Diana

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